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Decarb Cities 2018

The previous edition of the Heat Pump Forum 2018 has been hosted by the city of Vienna.

Decarb Cities 2018, aimed to zoom on cities as main actors of the energy transition, focused on no-pollution solutions towards zero emissions to maintain local air quality, reduced the effect of heat islands and enable cities to fight against climate change.

in particular, was divided into three sections:

Session 1: representatives of proactive cities explained how they have dealt with the most prevailing challenges and gave practice examples for other cities to follow.

Session 2: the challenges from a planning perspective: how can the quest for zero emission cities be modelled and which tools were available to monitor execution over time.

Session 3: progressive and innovative projects which prove that any challenge can be solved with the use of sustainable and smart tools that move away from the use of fossil fuels and combustion.

Decarb Cities forum addressed these challenges, here the presentations on what has been discussed during the #Decarbcities 2018.

End of Sessions
Motivation Keynote: The impact of digitalisation on the decarbonisation of cities-the EU commission perspectiveAndreea Strachinescu, Head of Unit – New Energy Technologies and Innovation, Directorate General for Energy, European Commission
Session 1: Challenges and solutions in citiesModerator: Dr. Brigitte Bach, AIT
A multi-layered approach to decarbonisation – experience from ViennaBernd Vogl, City of Vienna, Department MA 20 – Energy Planning
The challenge of decarbonising a large industrial port city – the case of RotterdamAstrid Madsen, City of Rotterdam
Using a datacenter to decarbonise a city – the Yandex caseEsa Muukka, Nivos Oy
Phasing out Dutch natural gas. Drivers, impacts & challengesHans Schneider, Alliander
Does the need for economic efficiency contradict decarbonisation of cities?Eva Bauer, Austrian Federation of Limited Profit Housings Providers
Session 2: Modelling for CitiesModerator: Dr. -Ing. Marek Miara, Fraunhofer ISE
The building stock model, an instrument for spatial urban energy planning in ZurichMartin Jakob, TEP Energy GmbH
Examples of new tools for decision support on retrofitting and renewal in urban districtsGuy Vekemans, VITO and Energyville
City level energy saving plans – How can cities benefit while fulfilling their obligationsLukáš Ferkl, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings,
Czech Technical University in Prague
Contribution of heat pumps to attain a zero emission cityNoha Saad Hussein, Fraunhofer ISE
Session 3: Circular energy economy and cities: from linear to closing energy cycles
Moderator: Lucienne Krosse, InnoEnergy
Shared energy solutions for a sustainable city: EctogridSonny Strömberg, Ectogrid, E.ON
Selling heat not heat pumps as an accelerator to clean technology developmentPasi Eskelin, st1
Energy system planning: the utility perspectiveEva Hennig, Thüga Aktiengesellschaft
Net Zero Energy retrofits with Integrated Energy Modules for fossil free citiesJasper Van den Munckhof, Energiesprong
Decarbonisation solutions in multi-family buildings – a task for utilities?Jörn-Erik Mantz, Innogy SE

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