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Bara Street 175, 1070 Brussels, Belgium

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Over 150 participants – Heat Pump industry representatives, cities representatives, planners and researchers

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In a fully decarbonised Europe, heat-pump technologies are the number one heating and cooling solution, being a core enabler for a renewable, sustainable and smart energy system.

This event we will provide Policy Implications, Technical Policies, latest market data and we will understand what digitalization means for heat pumps.

Event Description (FULL)

Heat Pump Forum 2019
The role of heat pumps at the heart of the energy transition

The European Heat Pump Association is pleased to invite you to Heat Pump Forum 2019, which this year will be held in Brussels, from 15th to 16th May 2019, at the prestigious the EGG. The general assembly will take place in the afternoon of the 14th, followed by a networking reception only for members.

Heat pumps are everywhere. You find them in your fridge, tumble dryer and dishwasher if you buy an electric car they increase range by managing the battery temperature and you find them – as we have often reminded you – in residential commercial and industrial heating. 

Heat pumps provide multiple benefits to our societies: a more energy efficient, renewable-based and flexible energy system, more integration among various technologies (solar, building automation systems, hybrids) and among various needs (heating, cooling, hot water production, air quality, etc.).

In this event, we will provide:

  • Policy implications (opportunities and challenges) for the heat-pump industry of the newly adopted EU laws emerging from the “Clean energy 4 all package” as well as from the “EC Strategy for a low carbon economy in 2050”.
  • Provide more technical policies, such as Ecodesign and F-gas regulations.
  • Present the latest market data and understand what digitalization means for heat pumps.


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Venue – The EGG

Bara street 175, 1070 Brussels

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