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Don’t miss the opportunity to get info on local heating & cooling planning, energy efficiency in industry and play with the PETA4 map of the Heat RoadMap Europe and more!

The Heat RoadMap Europe is a European project led by the University of Aalborg (DK) which includes 24 partners (university and research institutions, industry representative organisations plus an association of local authorities) and aims to:

  • create the scientific evidence required to support the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector in Europe
  • redesign this sector by combining the knowledge of local waste heat conditions, potential savings and energy system analysis.

If you wish to get all the info on the project:

– Follow its Twitter account @HeatRoadmapEU

– Download its facts and figures

The Heat4Cool concept proposes innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions that support EU energy efficiency policies through an optimal integration of relevant rehabilitation systems.

The project develops, integrates and demonstrates an easy to install and highly energy efficient solution for building retrofitting. The process that begins from the Heat4Cool advanced decision-making tool, (which addresses the building and district characteristics ) and leads to the optimal solution.

Heat4cool will implement four benchmark retrofitting projects in four different European climates, aiming to achieve a reduction of at least 20% in energy consumption in a technically, socially, and financially feasible manner and is expected to demonstrate a return on investment lower than ten years.

The overall objective of the DryFiciency project is to lead energy-intensive sectors of the European manufacturing industry to high energy efficiency and a reduction of fossil carbon emissions by means of waste heat recovery to foster competitiveness, improve security of energy supply and guarantee sustainable production in Europe. The project addresses three sectors, namely brick, pet care/feed and food industry. The results are however of major relevance for a number of other energy-intensive industries such as e.g. pulp and paper industry.

The DryFiciency consortium will elaborate technically and economically viable solutions for upgrading idle waste heat streams to process heat streams at higher temperature levels up to 160 °C. The key elements of the solution are two high temperature heat pumps: a closed loop heat pump for air drying processes and an open loop heat pump for steam drying processes. DryFiciency consortium’s work will focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions by:
  1. Demonstrating and evaluating two DryFiciency heat pump technologies in three industrial plants
  2. Generic design approach to replicate the technology in a range of industries in both newly constructed and existing plants
  3. A certified training programme to make engineering know how available and promote industry uptake.

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC-ETIP), officially endorsed by the European Commission since October 2008, aims at playing a decisive role in maximising synergies and strengthening efforts towards research, development and technological innovation which will consolidate Europe’s leading position in the sector. As a result, the whole society will benefit from the increasing contribution of renewable heating and cooling to the European Union’s 2020 – 2030 – 2050 targets!

The RHC-ETIP brings together stakeholders from the biomass, geothermal, solar thermal and heat pump sectors – including the related industries such as district heating and cooling, thermal energy storage, and hybrid systems – to define a common strategy for increasing the use of renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling.

Building on the experience matured since 2005 within the European Solar Thermal Technology Platform (ESTTP), now incorporated in the RHC-Platform, five major European organisations – EUREC, AEBIOM, EGEC, ESTIF and EHPA – are leading the process towards the definition of a joint Vision and Strategic Research Agenda for the renewable heating and cooling sector.

Ask more info on the new structure of the Platform and how you can be involved in the next activities!

GeoAtlantic‘s challenge is to develop methodologies and tools through cooperation to facilitate energy transition and the use of renewable sources in several local communities. A multidimensional approach will be developed through the improvement of the institutional, technological, industrial and social environment.

The project objectives are:

  • Develop cooperation between private and public actors and researchers through the articulation of the value chain of geothermal energy in a particular community or local territory.
  • Promote the development of local policy frameworks and support tools for promoting energy transition and geothermal energy.
  • Empower communities and local authorities to provide an effective response from the energy point of view to the climate change threat.
  • Increasing social acceptance of renewable energy, especially geothermal by local communities.
  • Raise awareness about the relevance and business opportunities of geothermal energy.

Come and ask more info about this interesting project!

SunHorizon has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmes, aims at unlocking the potential for a mass-customized, user-friendly and cost-effective solution based on an optimized design and combination of existing innovative Heat Pumps and solar technologies. The technologies will be installed in different refurbished and new single/multi-family/tertiary buildings in Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Spain.

This project aims to be a breakthrough demonstration to market project involving 21 partners and 8 demo sites all around EU focusing its activities on “reducing system costs and improving performance as well as optimising existing technologies for H&C applications”.

SunHorizon will be focused on three main research pillars interacting each other towards project objectives achievement, demonstration and replication:

  • Optimized design, engineering and manufacturing of Sunhorizon technologies
  • Smart functional monitoring for H&C,
  •  KPI  driven management and demonstration

Come and ask more info about this interesting project!

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